Bag Raiders

Continuing to dazzle fans with a line of singles from their much anticipated, forthcoming album HorizonsBag Raiders have dropped their third single “How Long” featuring Sydney-based singer-songwriter and producer, Panama.

The single stemmed from a concept brewed in the duo’s LA home about waiting for love to come back around. Brought to life by lyricist and Panama founder Jarrah McCleary, the production of the track results from an epic modular synth jam in the pair’s studio. Representing one’s strong emotional longings in love, the instrumentals balance a cold and icy vibe throughout the track.

Bag Raiders say on the single: “From the first meeting to being in the studio, he’s [Jarrah] been great to work with. It’s great working with people who bring something different and help you get out of your own headspace – which is sometimes exactly what you need in order to do something new.”

Panama says of the single: “I was immediately into the idea as I grew up hearing a lot of Bag Raiders and other Modular artists of that era. I think Bag Raiders are very unique as their music has been able to transcend that earlier period and still stay relevant today. I tend to shy away from writing big pop songs and focus more on the emotion of the music. I think ‘How Long’ is a strong representation of that way of thinking.”

“How Long” joins singles “Lightning” and “Wild At Heart” from the duo’s impending sophomore album Horizons. Carrying over one and a half million streams between them, the released singles reveal snapshots of the journey the electronic dream team have been on since the release of their ARIA-nominated in 2010.

Bag Raiders’ last 10 years have seen them travel the globe, playing at festival stages across the world. With a triple-platinum and global anthem under their belts in “Shooting Stars” as well as the widely loved “Way Back Home” and “Sunlight”, the pair’s established reputation is still prominent to this day. As we near a national tour kicking off in August and the release of their new album on September 6, many are waiting to see what the duo have in store next.

For now, stream the single, secure a ticket to one of the national shows and get an exclusive glimpse of Horizons before it drops this September.