Bag Raiders

Good things come to those who wait. After years at work on their highly anticipated second album, Bag Raiders (Jack Glass and Chris Stracey) today share the lead single “Lightning”, out now on Island Records Australia.

“Lightning” is about the bolt of budding affections and attraction that comes after meeting someone new, an emotion brought to life by vocals from Brisbane’s The Kite String Tangle. First conceived (fittingly) during an electrical storm, the track is bursting with the euphoric, dancefloor-ready production they’ve built their name on, complete with levels of emotion than ever before, perfectly bridging the sound of Bag Raiders old and new.

“It’s a reflection on thinking you don’t need anyone but then meeting someone who has such an undeniable pull that you couldn’t keep yourself away even if you tried,” Bag Raiders explain. “Love isn’t always smooth sailing, sometimes it’s sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it’s rain and thunder.”

With “Lightning” comes news of their first album that has been almost a decade in the making. Horizons, due out later this year on Island Records, documents the journey the production dream team have been on since the release of their ARIA-nominated, self-titled debut in 2010. From club stardom to world tours and festival slots, the pair have built a reputation for mammoth dance releases that keep the world moving with them. Outside of their multi-platinum, global hit “Shooting Stars”, they’ve also released the widely-loved “Way Back Home” & gold-certified “Sunlight”, a string of EPs as well as remixes for the likes of RitonTotally Enormous Extinct DinosaursCrooked Colours and Banks.

Conceived, written and recorded all over the globe, Horizons serves as a digital collage of more than five years of life, inspiration and experience. It’s an album with a lot of history but, most importantly, a lot to look forward to. With Horizons, a legendary pair of artists are stepping into a new era and “Lightning” is the unshakable first hit of their evolution.