Clare Bowditch

As Clare Bowditch prepares for the release of her debut book Your Own Kind Of Girl, the multi-talented artist today reveals ‘If I Could Give You’, her second single and video from her forthcoming sixth studio album (rel. 2020).

Says Clare of the new single, “Sometimes, our love for someone is so big, we feel we would give almost anything to make it stay, to catch it and hold it, but we can’t, because we are not characters in a movie: we are real life humans with dinner to cook and washing to fold and a planet to save. and so on. And yet our love is so hard to hide, it wants to be known, so it bursts its seams in all sorts of ways, some awkward (like talking too much, or crying at inappropriate moments) and some fruitful (like … writing a song). This is one such expression, of love.”

Clare chose to collaborate once again with director and filmmaker, Lucy Knox of Curious Films. Lucy previously directed the very bold and engaging clip for Clare’s first single, ‘Woman’ and most recently G Flips ‘I Am Not Afraid’ clip.  Filmed in Clare’s hometown of Melbourne, Lucy was drawn to the lyrics of the single which speak of the power of an all-encompassing love that allows us to be truly ourselves, whether this love is the romantic kind or one for your friend, parent or child. For ‘If I Could Give You’, Lucy brought to life some of these relationship narratives in a stylish and beautiful video. 

Clare’s first single ‘Woman’ was premiered on Double J and championed by ABC Local as well as influential print and online publications across the country. She toured the single across the East Coast of Australia throughout May and appeared on The Project as well as performed ‘Woman’ live on ABC’s Q&A

Since the release of her 2012 album The Winter I Chose Happiness, the ARIA Award winning singer-songwriter has been extremely busy. She hosted Afternoons on ABC Melbourne (2016 – 17), founded the creative social enterprise Big Hearted Business (2013) and Sing Song Showtime, appeared on hit show Offspring and on October 28th will release her debut book, Your Own Kind Of Girl. The book which borrows its title from a song lifted off Clare’s fourth studio album, Modern Day Addiction, is a partial memoir about Clare’s early years and how she learnt to talk balk to the voice of self-doubt, thus allowing her to live her creative life.