If there’s one thing Eliott should be known for, it’s her ability to tell a story. 

Born in regional Victoria and now living in Melbourne, the young musician has always had songwriting and lyricism at the forefront of her sound. As a 14-year-old, Eliott and her guitar were already exploring the complexities of adolescence through entirely original music, and at 21, her debut EP Bold Enough built itself around a similar sense of turmoil, likewise the few singles that have come out since: ‘Shaking My Hips’ and ‘Find A Way’.  

What sets Eliott’s music apart, however, is her ability to convey this turmoil in a way that makes the listener feel it for themselves; every inch of emotion making themselves known through her infatuating vocal, and the way her lyrics embed themselves in the swirling, subtle productions accompanying them. This powerful, longing sense of emotive relief is a characteristic trait of her music that keeps people coming bacand has already garnered a fair share of attention for the musician behind it. Since releasing Bold Enough in 2018, for example, Eliott has collaborated with musicians such as The Kite String Tangle and LUCIANBLOMKAMP, and supported Matt Corby and Dean Lewis on national tours amongst headline shows of her own. 

Her new single ‘Circles’, however, is more powerful than anything she’s put out before. Written on a songwriting camp with Xavier Dunn (Jack River, Graace, CXLOE) and Sam Phay before being later produced alongside Chris Collins (Middle Kids, Tigertown), ‘Circles’ showcases Eliott’s ability to translate her past into show-stopping, heart-gripping pop. Arriving after a period of self-reflection – and the overthinking that often comes alongside – in the wake of Bold Enough, ‘Circles’ sees Eliott confront her life journey head-on; her emotionally-rich lyricism and vulnerability at their most potent as she guides us through the turbulence of her past and the flaws she unpacks from that time.  

 “It navigates through a lot of my life,” she explains. “Dropping out of university, letting down my parents, always being on diets, and ultimately living in this cycle of making mistakes and hating who I am.” There’s a sense of pain and frustration built up within Eliott’s vocals on ‘Circles’, clearly from the therapeutic release of opening up with her most intimate release to-date. However, there’s an uplifting acceptance that sits amongst the heaviness, relaying a message almost everyone can relate to. “Those things have made me confident and strong though, and make me love who I am,” she continues. “I wouldn’t change a thing.” 

The single also arrives with a video clip, filmed while Eliott was spending time in Paris, where she settled for two months to write music – and plan the next chapter of her journey – with close friend and collaborator, Jack Grace. Directed by Martin Bouffange the video for ‘Circles’ brings an interpretation of the song’s title, with Eliott doing a lap through the beautiful streets of Paris until she eventually finishes where she began, completing the circle of the journey much in the same way that ‘Circles’, the single, ends with Eliott accepting the flaws which began the song’s inspiration. 

It’s clear that with singles such as ‘Circles’, Eliott’s songwriting comes from her heart, and with more to come in the year ahead, we’re about to see more of her heart than ever before.