A native New Zealander, Lakyn first started making music when a broken ankle kept him off his skate board. The following years were filled with a Popular Reality TV Show, an acoustic EP, a crash course in production and some pretty intense self-reflection. He says “over the past few years I’ve realised that it’s important to just be me, no matter what.” When Lakyn writes music, he sees little pictures and films in his head, which is then imbued with his own emotions, memories and views. While listening to his music, you can see a bit of Lakyn’s world- filled with childlike curiosity and ingenuity. It’s in his faux fur coat and bulbous sunglasses, in the impish grin he adopts in his Instagram videos when he knows he’s being particularly funny but doesn’t want to give himself away. For someone whose music is so serious, there’s a surprising roguish bent to Lakyn’s personality.