No Frills Twins

No Frills Twins’ new track, “Paper Love” is a soaring electro-pop tune that celebrates the priceless value in deep, supportive relationships. It’s a poignant return for twins Arna and Vanessa Rogers which unveils a new era in their music with a focus on their elastic vocals and emotive song writing.  

“‘Paper Love’ salutes a connection between people that is far deeper than any monetary or material exchange” the sisters explain. “It’s about loving someone so much that you feel inexpressibly content just in their company without needing anything else.” The song erupts into an anthemic, gallant chorus, accompanied by glistening 80s-style synths.  

The track was written when the small-town twins made the big, arduous move to Sydney last year, finding themselves displaced, uncertain and without much more than each other. “At this time all we really had was each other, which was not much but enough, so it sparked inspiration for a song.” The musical sisters commented that the song “basically wrote itself.” However, with a missing chorus, the song was placed in their “long list of unfinished songs” pile until they joined forces with producer Xavier Dunn (Jack River) and co-writer Sam Phay (Eliott, Yorke). The team joined forces in Xavier’s studio and the song’s triumphant chorus was ignited. “I’m super excited because it’s been a long time since we’ve released original music and our sound has evolved”, says Vanessa.  

[Text Wrapping Break]Those interim years between releases were marked by a period of personal hardships for the pair, which saw them take a step back from the spotlight. “This period of time allowed us to grow personally and musically and we realised the direction in which we want our sound to travel. Reconnecting with songwriting has breathed life back into us. We’ve been reminded that music gives us meaning and purpose and our happiness is returning” says the duo.  

[Text Wrapping Break]The twins were singing, songwriting and performing from the moment they could talk. “From a young age we were using songwriting to explore and understand things in the world that seemed beyond our understanding or control” says Arna about their lyrics. 

Their carefree creativity and independence soon saw the pair self-releasing theatrical pop songs paired with equally outlandish videos. Among them was the tongue-in-cheek, electro-pop YouTube hit, “God Bless The Internet” (2015) which has earned itself millions of views on YouTube and established the duo as respected songwriters. After independently paving their own success, in 2017 they signed to Island Records and made their mark with a series of dynamic singles that showed off their unique versatility and eclectic style. 

More recently, the duo performed for the streaming festival, Isol-Aid alongside fellow Australian artists Stella Donnelly, Angie McMahon and Julia Jacklin. With new music coming soon, music lovers are in for a treat from the No Frills Twins.