A fever dream involving Alex Turner (of the Arctic Monkeys) crooning a made-up song is how ‘The Internet Sucks’ was birthed into the world. Not A Boys Name today delivers his first single and title track from his debut EP.

To accompany the single, is a live video built from the desire to play live music again. Jamming with his friends and hearing those sonic textures smashing into each other once more.

Featured in ‘The Internet Sucks’ live video are Bec Sandridge, Dan Williams (Art vs Science), Lucy Taylor (UK singer-songwriter PAWWS) and Ben Corbett (Half Speed) filmed frustratingly in the same city during the height of self-isolation and the COVID pandemic

Dave Jenkins Jr aka NOT A BOYS NAME awoke one night with the garbled dream track bouncing around in his head and decided to record it immediately. Being close to a guitar, and his laptop he quickly started bashing out the idea. Several hours later ‘The Internet Sucks’ was completed.

NOT A BOYS NAME says, “Before Covid hit I was in a constant state of momentum. Always writing new material and rejecting anything that felt old – even if it wasn’t. The imposed isolation forced me to listen to the songs I had written over the last 2 years, and in doing so I found music that I was genuinely excited about. Songs I had written and recorded that I really wanted to show the world.

Dave sent the original demo of ‘The Internet Sucks’ to producer pal Simon ‘Berkfinger’ Berckelman who convinced him to release the track. After adding one finishing touch, a face melting guitar solo from Kirin J Callinan, the track was ready to see the light of day. The song came at a time when Dave was in the midst of a separation, while his music project NOT A BOYS NAME was coming into fruition. Existential themes of love, sexuality, screen addiction, and longing for something more are all explored within the lyrics of ‘The Internet Sucks’.

NOT A BOYS NAME says, “The Internet Sucks is a song I wrote about screen addiction and modern relationships. It’s a pre-Covid song for a post-covid world.”

NOT A BOYS NAME has previously toured with Olympia, I Know Leopard and headlined his own east coast tour. He has released singles ‘Raise The Alarm’, ‘Hazard Perception Test’ and ‘Cut It Off’, receiving support from triple j, Radio Adelaide, RRR, FBi Radio and notable playlists on Spotify and Apple Music plus influential taste-making sites Pilerats, Happy Mag, NOWNESS, Futuremag, Purple Sneakers, AU Review and Almost Real.