Running Touch

If you are a fan of art, you should most certainly be a fan of Running Touch. He is electronic music; he is acoustic music; he is a novelist; he is a poet; he is a storyteller; he is an artist.

Having only been on the circuit for a year, Running Touch has already been named as the #7 artist to watch for 2016 [inthemix], coming in as one of the 50 most played artists on Triple J Unearthed, being dubbed as ‘The Best Kept Secret in Australian Music’ by Buzzfeed and having his breakout track listed as one of the Top 100 Tracks of 2015 by inthemix to name just a few in his long list of commendable achievements.

The Running Touch project is a middle grounded insertion into a body of alias’ , rocking back and forth between experimental electronica and papery wholesome tones.

With synthetic, melodic tendencies alike that of ‘ London Grammar’ & ‘ Klangarussell’ combined with a fluency in ethereal electronica & experimental indie pop, Running Touch’ s mission is to “change the way the world thinks of dance music by defying genres and breaking the boundaries of what is considered to be normal.”

A forward-thinking, innovative artist more than just a musician alone, the Running Touch project is a seasonal, starry-eyed, sky-gazing progression into experimentalism that brings a new concept of dance music that incorporates testing, contentious tactics and an in-depth twist on reality into music.

In conjunction with his multi-instrumental talents, impeccable productions and impressive live show, Running Touch continues to progress through his career with a focus of putting the ‘ art’ back into ‘ artist’ – blending music and literature through a semi-fictional novel he is creating in which his songs and aliases briefly pair with respective chapters and characters in the story.

With his creations formed through far-flung influence and instrumental prowess, Running Touch aims to introduce art in its holistic sense back into music.