Homegrown hip-hop trio Thundamentals have just released their succinctly-titled single ‘I Miss You’, co-produced with Sydney multi-instrumentalist Carl Dimataga (Khalid). It’s a chance for the group to discuss friendships that have dissolved over time, and
the role that social media has played in creating a false sense of connection.
‘I Miss You’ is a poignant reflection on the fractured state of personal relationships in 2018. With playful piano keys bouncing throughout, the lyrics reference past mates with a hint of nostalgic regret; leaving the listener with a powerful, bittersweet tang. Alongside rap-driven verses, clapping beats and gospel-esque chants build into the cathartic hook; “I miss you”, Tuka sings with melodic directness. “What happened to all of my friends?” It’s a lament that’s sure to resonate with an Instagram-obsessed generation; one that’s more connected than ever digitally, but ultimately alone.
‘I Miss You’ is evidence of Thundamentals’ unique ability to craft emotive, relatable songs that stay true to their hallmarks, while also moving beyond the stereotypical sounds of their genre.