TIGERLILY’s electrifying stage presence and drive to transcend the traditional expectations of a DJ sees her in a league of her own. Now the Australian performer releases her new single ‘Ashes’ along with the official video.

After writing the song ASHES, I came up with the creative direction of the video with a strong ambition to make it different from the usual ‘breakup’ video. If you watch the video a few times, there are loads of layers to it, which makes it slightly unconventional for a pop record clip. I wanted my video to comment on issues in society that I am passionate about, such as social media addiction, animal testing, global warming etc. I think it’s really important that artists use their reach and their power/influence in a positive way, “ says Tigerlily about her new video.

The colourful Ashes video observes the lives of two characters inside a pastel ‘make believe’ home setting and highlights modern issues such as body image, perfection, social media addition and global warming.

A true entertainer taking the world by storm. Tigerlily finds herself among Australia’s elite performers with the public voting her in the top 5 DJs for both 2014 and 2015 and the #1 female DJ three years running (via Inthemix). She is also one of the top 10 most engaged Australian acts on social media with fans 7 times more likely to engage in her content than anyone else.

A mainstay across the biggest festival and club stages both in Australia and around the world; Tigerlily is no stranger to the world stage.