Tim Hart

Hart has a thing for honesty and convictions. He’s just not used to talking about it. As the drummer of insanely popular Boy & Bear, the majority of Hart’s musical life is spent behind the drum kit, touring the world, singing back-up vocals, and contributing song-writing to the award-winning Sydney group’s beloved songs and spirit.

This high-profile existence pushed Hart to make his 2012 debut album, “Milling the Wind,” a bare bones folk record. “Something that wasn’t so meticulous and thought out,” he says now. But for his long-overdue second album, The Narrow Corner, concept was shunted aside for life experience.

The forthcoming album reunites Hart with Milling the Wind-producer Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise, Timberwolf), as well as Sydney producer Wayne Connolly (Cloud Control, You Am I, The Vines), responsible for Boy & Bear’s #1 ARIA charted album “Harlequin Dream”. Both encouraged Hart to hone his craft.

Playing the majority of instruments himself and written largely on the road and recorded between touring with Boy & Bear, The Narrow Corner hinges on themes of loss, disconnection, and how travel alters perspective, for better and worse. It also introduces Hart as a skilled and plainspoken curator of his own interior universe.