You are now online. You are on the internet. Herded into categories, you are within a vibrating cacophony of distinct societies. Pornography and personal banking. Dating apps and Web MDs. Drug dealers and streaming services and forums of opinion that wind sky high and pile upon themselves in knots and tunnels endlessly burrowing into the clouds. A rollercoaster in slow motion. A great totem of thought and expression. And by simply being here, you are building it. Thank you for your contribution.

We can do all kinds of things for the great totem of information in the sky. We could offer our metadata to the chomping jaws of advertising. Feed the world with our words. We could instead take from the beast, in exchange for our talents. Racking up views and likes and converting them into cryptocurrency. You could FaceTime (TM) your step children. Shit, you could barricade yourself in your bedroom and masturbate your whole life into oblivion.

Or you could do it like Washington does. You could sing your song.