Winterbourne are thrilled to announce details of their eagerly awaited debut album. Released Friday August 23rd, the album is titled Echo Of Youth.

Echo Of Youth is available today to pre-add, pre-save and pre-order from here.

The 12-song opus of exhilarating, anthemic indie rock includes singles ‘Better’ and ‘Take The Golden’ which are both offered as instant grat tracks for digital orders.

With already 12.6 million global streams racked up since they launched in 2014, Winterbourne say Echo Of Youth is the album they’ve been waiting their whole career to create.

“It feels very strange to finally announce our debut album. We’ve worked on nothing but this for such a long time it’s kind of hard to believe no one else has heard it yet. But that’s what makes it so ridiculously exciting,” says the band of today’s announcement.

Long-time friends and collaborators James Draper and Jordan Brady have honed their craft both in the studio and on stage to deliver an album rich in swirling guitars, lush synths and soaring, catchy choruses. Thematically, the duo takes us on a thrilling journey through distinctly modern fears and anxieties: social media, aspirational culture and fractured, strained relationships.

The duo worked with their self-appointed musical dream team consisting of producer Andy Mak (Vera Blue, Boy & Bear), engineer Jackson Barclay (Timberwolf) and multi-instrumentalist Thom Mak. Recorded over a six-month period, each track on Echo Of Youth started by being played live from start to finish, giving the album its distinct frenetic energy with hundred-year-old guitars, synths, piano, Hofner bass, delicate acoustic, layered electrics, and cutlery drawer percussion.  James and Jordan spent three weeks co-writing around Europe/UK before settling into La Cueva Studios (Byron Bay) to record their debut album.

Even with its richly textured and distinctive, genre-defying sound, Sydney-based Winterbourne still manage to preserve the simplicity of their reputable essence, with James and Jordan’s singing and guitar-playing at the album’s centre.

Known for their energetic, animated stage presence, and their ability to cultivate real and honest connections with their fans, Winterbourne have quickly amassed a loyal following, playing bigger and better venues with every tour. Their recent ‘The Much Better Tour’ resulted in sold out shows in Fremantle (The Aardvark), Melbourne (Northcote Social) and Sydney (Factory Theatre). With two celebrated EPs – All But The Sun (2014) and Pendulum (2016) released and numerous sold out headline tours under their belt, Winterbourne will hit the road with global rising artist Dean Lewis on his forthcoming National Tour.

“It’s so nice to be able to play new songs, mainly because we’re pretty huge fans of our new stuff. It’s all fresh and interesting and it makes us think and gets us excited. Which the old ones do too, but not in the same way.”