Floating in a confident indie-pop dream space, Yorke embraces her vulnerability and provides a  glimmer of hope through her captivating sound. Since launching, the Byron Bay based singer- songwriter has given listeners a bold string of singles that follows her finding her feet in adulthood which can always be a confusing and daunting time. With the announcement of her new single ‘Thought I Could’ she addresses the real thought of telling someone she is leaving her hometown.

After premiering her dreamy debut single ‘First Light’ towards the end of 2018 she continued  the bold and cinematic soundscape with  ‘Wake This City’  which was recently hand-picked as the TV sync for the new season of 9-1-1. This track heard her dabbling with dark synths and beats whilst layering them with smooth pop melodies.

With her new single ‘Thought I Could’ Yorke further explores this sound with a sense of hopefulness riding through the hook. “Always wanted to leave this place but I never really thought I would. Always dreaming of wider spaces, I never really thought I should”. Cowritten with Andy Hopkins and mixed by London based  Mark Rankin, ‘Thought I Could’ was conceived on the anxious spring night that ‘First Light’ was released.

“We were in the studio watching it being released around the world, while we were trying to write this song. I was panicking at the time, but I think it added to just how vulnerable the track has become”, she  admits. As they worked from 9pm to 3am they dived into the raw emotions that she was riding of having to move to Sydney for her music from her hometown in Byron Bay.

“I had to tell someone that I was leaving, and I was really nervous about that going into the session. So, we  just used that as fuel for the song to find what I wanted to say to them”. Ever since writing the coming-of-age track, Yorke is in-between Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane crashing  between friend’s houses bringing her artistic vision to life. She has found her real home through her music and that’s evident in the pure heart she embodies through these early beginnings.

There’s a sign of hope in this uplifting story but she encourages the listener to find their own  meaning. What are they leaving behind? What are they chasing? What are they missing? “I think that’s the power of music people being able to get so many different things out of someone else story”. she admits. The bold and cinematic production is elevated by the dark keys, punchy drums and the big chorus that ignites the hook. It becomes an anthem of hope and celebrates the idea of dreams coming true as well as the sacrifices that come in turn with that. “We were trying hard to not reference too much and just use the elements of what I see a Yorke track to become”. And those elements she envisions stems from her love of New York City. It’s the idea that anything can happen mixed with the bold cinematic feel of heightened emotions.

Between her solo releases, Yorke also teamed up with Kilter for an electronic segue on ‘Overdrive’ which heard her implementing her emotionally vulnerable lyrics with Kilter’s tight EDM production. This collaboration perfectly prepares her for a year of touring as it diversifies her bold pop sound and adds some slick festival vibes. Throughout May she will be opening for RUEL on his sold-out Australian tour in Hobart, Adelaide and Perth before preparing herself for a year of more live shows which includes her upcoming Jack Gray support and debut headline shows in Sydney & Melbourne this August.

With the release of ‘Thought I Could’ she will have new and old fans eager to see what comes  next in this evolution of self-discovery as she continues her reign as ‘one to watch for 2019’ from the likes of YouTube, Cool Accidents and Pilerats.