Cap Carter Releases ‘Relapse’, His First Single & Video On Island Records Australia

“The voice of Cap Carter is something that comes from a dark place but I think there’s still beauty in it” – Cap Carter

Welcome to Island Records Australia Cap Carter. Born in Manila, the western Sydney raised Cap Carter releases his new single and video, ‘Relapse’, his first recording on the Australian label. Building a global and dedicated fan base with his original music and honest storytelling, Cap stands out for his and distinctive and authentic vocals. Writing through his own personal and lived experiences, Cap works a fusion of r&b soul with an edge and grit that is unique and refreshing. 

Having already shared a stripped back DIY performance of ‘Relapse’, today’s release is a fresh new version recorded in Sydney. 

Growing up in a broken home and moving into one of the roughest parts of Sydney, ‘Relapse’ was written during one of Cap Carter’s darkest periods saying, “the song was almost like an exit song”.

“My Mum taught me how to love ballads, but she left when I was 10. And when I moved into dad’s house, he banned music just because it reminded him of mum. And when the voice came out, it came out raging because it was suppressed for a long time. I can’t write anything that’s not lived. There had been instances where I’ve been writing and I can’t tell whether it’s destructive or healing. But for the most part, in the last few months in the lead up to this project, I felt it’s healing. And I felt like it’s a lot of light.”

Filmed in Sydney, the official video is directed by Maddy King, who took Cap Carter’s personal story and through her creative genius created something contemporary, modern and evocative.

“Relapse is a story of addiction, ” shares Cap. ” Through rehab I’ve learnt that my addiction stems from childhood trauma – specifically the day Ma left and the year’s spent thereafter. The music video is quite literally a look at the days leading up to the breakdown of my parent’s marriage and the day that would come to forever change my life. I wanted the story to be told in such a delicate way that it would respect both of my parents and not in anyway dishonour my family. From the start I knew that if we couldn’t achieve this then we shouldn’t touch on this particular chapter of my story.”  

Maddy King explains, “Before I listened to the song, I already knew Cap wanted the video to explore traumatic events which happened when he was very young. I remember listening to him sing whilst playing the piano on set and everyone was blown away. His voice is raw and emotional but hearing it in person is another experience entirely.  The video is loosely based on Cap’s childhood which we wanted to explore from his Mother’s point of view. It was interesting figuring out how to convincingly sell a love story without having the actors kiss because we shot during COVID. We also had a scene with butterflies which I wouldn’t recommend because they flew after the first take.”

As well as joining Island Records Australia, Cap Carter has also inked a deal with Republic Records (US) and a world-wide publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group.