Lakyn Shares New Video for his Single ‘Wayfarer’ 🌴

Kiwi born, Melbourne-based artist, Lakyn, today releases the official music video for his new single ‘Wayfarer’.

Directed by Simon Morehead (Tyne-James Organ, Running Touch) the clip was shot over two days in Sydney, and allows you to get a glimpse into the life of Lakyn, the world around him, and his huge passion for music and skateboarding. 

“The music video showcases a day spent sticking to my guns. Because it’s wholesome, I’m proud of it. That’s what I like – life and the simple things that surround us” says Lakyn about the visuals. 

Simon Morehead says, “Wayfarer presented itself with an opportunity to explore moments in one’s life that pass you by. Even though some may feel insignificantly small, the act of acknowledgement or presence in that point in time brings with it great joy. The most enjoyable process of directing this clip was collaborating with Lakyn and DP Matt Maule on how we bought in a greater purpose and journey within. With the track itself being so strong, it had to represent Lakyn. We wanted to it to feel as though we were really getting inside his head, connecting on a deeper level. Matt’s ability to bank each shot using portrait like framing along with the decision to use our tracking dolly really sets the tone for building all characters within”.

“Wayfarer’ was written alongside producer Kyran Daniel and Melbourne artist G Flip; inspired by music that would fit perfectly on radio station Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The new single isn’t a tribute to the iconic Ray Ban sunglasses but rather a shrewd metaphor on widening one’s perceptions on life. ‘Wayfarer’ is Lakyn’s way of showcasing his renewed positive outlook on life, as well as giving fans a piece of music to lose themselves in.

ABOUT LAKYN: Skateboarder-turned-musician Lakyn was born in Auckland and now living in Melbourne. He is synonymous with Australia’s genre-bending next generation; his 2018 EP ‘& Pains’, for example, moulding together textures of indie, R&B, hip-hop and pop for a collection of tracks reflective of someone just beginning to hit their stride – both musically and personally. Since a skateboarding injury encouraged him to learn guitar, his music career captured attention with the release of singles ‘Choir Boy’, ‘West’, ‘View Looks So Good’, ‘Sweet Days’ and ‘Superhuman’. He has garnered over 16 million streams across DSP’s and has supported the likes of Vera Blue, Eves Karydas, LAUV and Eric Nam as well as headlined sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne and played Isol-aid Festival last year.