Seth Sentry shares new single & video ‘Castlevania’ + announces new album Super Cool Tree House

Seth Sentry today announces his third studio album Super Cool Tree House will be released on Friday June 18th.  Whist in the middle of his 4-week sold-out Residency at Melbourne’s Evelyn Hotel, the iconic rapper also shares his newest single and video ‘Castlevania’, which was premiered by triple j’s Richard Kingsmill’s on 2021. 

During the deepest, darkest depths of lockdown, the Melbourne local embarked on a weekly challenge. Unbeknownst to him, this challenge became the fruits of his new album. 

Seth says, “I asked people to send me beats, some professional producers, some amateurs & every Monday I picked a new one. Then the aim was to write & record a song that week to be released every Sunday! Not only was it a great way to kill time during the lockdown but it really helped reinvigorate my love for straight up bars. Hardly any hooks, no thought about song structure etc. just straight up raps. I fukn loved it.”

Like clockwork, every Sunday fans were treated to a recap of the week and a certain take on the world that only Seth could give. This might have included current events from around the world or just some weird shit that Seth was pondering at the time, and everything in between. 

Obviously, episode 1 was named ‘Tiger King’, but as the weeks and months went by, moods ebbed and flowed, and the feelings weren’t so vibrant. Tracks like ‘Denial’ and ‘Cabin Fever’ from the new album see things get pretty damn dark for Seth, as it did for almost everyone. ‘Gatorade Bong’ and ‘Blue Shell’ reminds us of the weird and wonderful places our mind wandered while cooped up for months on end.

With restrictions ending, Seth was able to venture back into the studio to collaborate with friend and producer Nic Martin to create Super Cool Tree House. A full collection of the songs from the YouTube series, with some tweaks and additions for keen ears. All those who created beats have been credited on the new album with new single Castlevania, the only song to not feature on the YouTube series.

Seth explains, “Castlevania is in the true spirit of Super Cool Tree House, just straight up bar after bar. Referencing everything from my job at a used car dealership to Donnie Darko. “

Super Cool Tree House is happy, weird, funny, grim, irrelevant, and classic Seth Sentry. The kind of songs when there are no rules. Just Seth, inside four walls, with a pad, a pen, and his trusty sidekick Titan The Cat.

The official animated video for ‘Castlevania’ was directed by Seth’s brother Samuel Marton and can be viewed here: