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Daniel Shaw Shares Single & Live Performance Video for ‘over it’ 🌴

August 26, 2022

Photo Credit: She Is Aphrodite Singer/songwriter Daniel Shaw today releases his follow-up single ‘over it’, accompanied by an intimate live performance video, where the artist takes fans into the studio with him.    Having mastered the art of the happy/sad pop song, ‘over it’ is about being someone’s rock; committing to helping them through everything life throws at them.    Produced […]

Daniel Shaw Delivers New Single/Video ‘drunk high low’ 🌴

June 29, 2022

Melbourne singer/songwriter Daniel Shaw has mastered the art of the happy/sad pop song on his new single ‘drunk high low’, his first release through Island Records Australia.  On the surface it’s a wildly catchy tune that is poised to lodge itself inside your head upon impact. Scratch just below the surface, however, and there’s a darker story […]