The Million Drop Some Truth Bombs In New Single/Video ‘Therapy’ 🌴

The Million are back to drop some truth bombs today with the release of their new single ‘Therapy’. The track arrives complete with a self-produced music video, directed by the band’s lead singer Jacob Thomas.

‘Therapy’ finds the Sydney-based, Central Coast-raised four piece doing what they do best, making light of a dark situation. With vivid lyrics of overdue bills and piles of dirty laundry giving rise to a fractured mental state, Thomas finds a way to deliver the truths of a tough time with a wry smile as the rest of the band, Tamon Mashimo, Jay Stewart and McKinley Payne accompany him with The Million’s trademark danceable pop sheen. The band is the latest in a succession of slickly produced tracks recorded with producer Dylan Nash.

The track is the second single to come from the group’s upcoming EP which is set to be released in December. It follows the release of ‘No One’s Home’, their previous single dropped in June of this year, and its subsequent tour that saw the band wow fans across the East Coast of Australia in August. The Million return to the introspective nature found on one of their earlier singles ‘Check Up’, with their new record confronting heavy themes whilst staying hopeful and full of life.

The music video for ‘Therapy’ serves as a love letter to the years that shaped the band’s generation, the early 2000s. A simpler time of high-profile celeb meltdowns and breakneck advancements in tech, it’s the perfect backdrop over which to be singing about considering therapy. The video follows director and singer Jacob Thomas struggling through the tumult of his daily routine as the rest of the boys urge him to get help, culminating with an intervention party. It is a tapestry highly charged with nostalgia for Thomas, “Packed full of colour and vibrant set design, everything from the grunge outfits, highlights and hair hawks characteristically pays homage to an influential time in our lives.”

Together with ‘No One’s Home’, ‘Therapy’ shows us The Million at their most raw and vulnerable. After not seeing each other for six month during the 2021 lockdowns, the band now find themselves living under the same roof, sharing their increased confidence to dig deeper than ever on their new record.

Watch ‘Therapy’ Official Video Here:

About The Million

With over 6.5 million streams across their discography – The Million have received support across triple j and community radio stations, and a great response across all DSP platforms including Apple’s Heaps Indie, Alt Pop, New Music Daily. Spotify’s Indie Arrivals, Breaking Pop and The New Alt. Tastemaker outlets including Purple Sneakers, The Interns and Pilerats have also praised the group for their fresh take on Indie Alternative Pop music. On the live scene, the band have played sold out shows across all cities including Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne.

‘Therapy’ Single 
is out now via
Island Records Australia/Universal Music