THE RIOT Releases New Single & Video ‘PISSED’, Announces ‘PISSED Tour’ 🌴

THE RIOT are ready to air some grievances as they drop their latest single ‘PISSED’ along with its suitably seething video. The Gold Coast three-piece have released the song from the road today as they join WAAX on a whirlwind weekend tour of Queensland. The band has also announced a run of shows in support of the new single. 

A 3-minute explosion of rage; ‘PISSED’ is punctuated by the band’s trademark distorted guitars and electronic beats. Pulsating aggression pours from the production as vocalist JD’s seething lyrics call out pretenders, hangers on, or as the band put it, “this song is about the difference between the leeches and the creatures.”

As a band brought together by their shared consciousness in spite of their disparate lives, on their fourth song they find themselves effortlessly writing music. Emerging through the smoke and whiskey in producerAlex Henriksson’s studio, vocalist JD found himself caught up in what THE RIOT have come to recognise as Henriksson’s “zone of magical moments.” He came up with the melody and lyrics instantly, as the band’s instrumentation effortlessly followed. This is a band who are set on only doing what is organic, what is raw and real, “We are out to do exactly what comes to our minds.” And their collaboration with Henriksson that sees them fully realising this goal, “[Alex] allows the subconscious brain to take the driver’s seat. [It’s a] perfect match for us as we love to overthink things.” 

Watch the ‘PISSED’ video –