THE RIOT share new video for ‘Same Blunt’

“..the band have arrived to fill a radical void in the industry.” – Sniffers

“left us all wondering where the bloody hell they’ve been hiding all this time.”- Blunt  Magazine

“genre-bending” – NME

“both captivating and packing an emotional punch” – LWA

“it goes hard” – Music Feeds

“they push the limits like no-one else” – Pilerats
THE RIOT’s new video for single ‘Same Blunt’ explores the three-piece in substance-influenced mode through a warm slightly nostalgic lens. 
It’s a psychedelic journey. 

The blunt connects everyone in the room. It removes pretending. It reveals authenticity so that people glow their own real colours. 
Nick Waterman captures the feeling of everyone being on the same shit and super tuned into each other – totally, messily in-sync. “The trippy visuals really bring this feeling to life in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. At the centre of this beautiful chaos are The Riot who are giving an epic and unhinged performance.” 

‘Same Blunt’ is about returning to who you are. 

‘Same Blunt’ was written in a spontaneous fury, coming together in a single day over cheap beers and weed. Beginning with a thrashing guitar riff before descending in an indelible mix of buoyant reggae, biting rap and boisterous punk, the new track is a testament to the band’s genre elasticity. ‘Same Blunt’ is a pummeling polemic about the perils of groupthink and the way immoral institutions can disempower individual thinking.