THE RIOT Unleash New Single ‘Same Blunt’

Following the release of their debut single ‘Dog in the Shade’, three-piece THE RIOT have returned with the lacerating ‘Same Blunt’, a pummeling polemic about the perils of groupthink and the way immoral institutions can disempower individual thinking.

A testament to the band’s genre elasticity, ‘Same Blunt’ begins with a thrashing guitar riff before descending in an indelible mix of buoyant reggae, biting rap and boisterous punk.

The song was written in a spontaneous fury, coming together in a single day over cheap beers and weed. “It all started with that guitar riff you hear at the beginning of the song, then everyone threw in their own spice,” says JD. 

‘Same Blunt’ is another track produced by Matt Corby and his long-time producer Alex Henriksson. Since their first session together, an unshakeable bond was formed. “[Henriksson] was really able to take our disjointed pieces and glue them together,” says JD.

Their first single, ‘Dog In The Shade’ received support across a range of playlists from Spotify (New Music Friday, Rock Out), Apple Music (New Music Daily) and YouTube Music (Alternative Uprising, New Australian Cool) and praised by Blunt Magazine, NME, Happy Magazine, Sniffers, Iggy Magazine and Life Without Andy. Premiering on triple j Good Nights, the single was supported by 4ZZZ and added to Spot playlist on triple j. The supernatural video clip was added to both RAGE and MTV Upload.

THE RIOT came together through happenstance. One night, Tyler (guitars, vocals) and Scotty (drums) came across JD (lead vocals) while he was trying to scale the fence at a venue. From there, a sense of unity arose of shared anger, of shared politics and shared musical interest that wasn’t defined by a particular era or sound. “There’s power in numbers, it’s better than being on your own” says JD. “[Together] we can get our voices that have been ‘the unheard’, to be heard.”

The future is rhythm & chaos.